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Reviews for Lucid Dreaming High:



"An album with heart and one of the best albums I have heard this summer, a triumph of pop sensibilities and independent design...memorable songwriting, extremely catchy and highly enjoyable."

 —  Samuel Aaron,


"Mica Lee Williams truly has the voice of an angel - gentle yet powerful; melodic and soulful. Her songs are songs for everyone... Her vocals are captivating and her melodies unforgettable."

 —  Top 50 Indie Artist Release, Singer and Musician Magazine


“Obviously comfortable whether playing on a street corner or on a stage in front of drenched music worshippers... mixing the guitar-playing savvy of Ani di Franco with the songwriting genius of Joni Mitchell...with her sweet voice to make the music uniquely hers."”

 —  Vernon Morning Star Newspaper 


“...turning heads in the local music scene with her powerful voice and distinctive original songs."”

 —  SF Folk Music Club


"This disc sounds like years of craft blending rock, folk, blues, alt country and working-finger-to-the-bone road-tested effort. I envy those in San Francisco who can listen to her regularly at gigs around the Bay area--you are very fortunate people."

  —  Steve Ekblad, Audio Grid


"Thought provoking music that would probably stop our breathing for a few minutes in a Live setting."

  —  Radio Mike, The Fevered Brain


"At our June showcase, the audience was awestruck by Mica's silky smooth voice and impassioned guitar playing."

  —  Greenbeat Songwriter Showcase


"Mica Lee Williams has the right ingredients to be a successful singer/songwriter. She's well traveled, down to earth, and talented. The influence of blues, rock, and country throughout her songs stand to take her far and it gives her an edge so many singer songwriters lack."

  —  First Coast News


"Mica Lee Williams is a talented singer ... Her vocals sound relaxed even as she sears the microphone with her tales of wandering the road and following her dreams...angelic visions cascade from Mica's lips. Her voice is sweet and fresh."

  —  West Coast Performer


"We see great things happening for this gal."

  —  TransAtlantic Acoustic Show


"She has the laid back fields meets beach scene, a bit of Crowe, a bit of Baez, a smidge of hippie, a glance at things native. One of the best here is "John Lennon"."

  —  Underground Reviews


"This lady sings with an attitude and her sincere performance on this CD is just fantastic. “Lucid Dreaming High”...spans the musical gamut...from hard roots rock to slow and magical folk to one track with a driving country flavor. This album has everything a winning release could ever offer."

  —  Roots Music Report
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