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Choose to Choose

(read time aprox 3 mins) I’m not someone who believes in wrong choices. Let’s quickly qualify this (I can hear the wheels turning out there) by keeping this statement to the realm of personal choice, not actions forced upon others. Just choices we each make as we navigate our lives, in search of ourselves. No wrong choices in my book.

Ok, untrue. Edit!

To me, the only wrong choice is to NOT make a choice out fear. “What if…[insert heart-palpitating failure, humiliation, rejection]?” I can tell you one answer to “what if.” “If” you don’t, you will never know “what.” I can also say to scary whatever: Who cares! Really. Who has the time to be worried about that? No one. No has time to worry. I read once that worry is a waste of imagination. Amen. We are creatures of imagination. We are able to conceive, articulate, and execute ideas. Mimic, alter, and redesign. Experience, process, appreciate, refine. Certainly, when we act, we change. When we change, we learn. When we learn, we imagine new things. Thus, new things are possible. There is always a new something to learn in here.

Seems to me, most of our problems as humans in general, and people specifically, tend to come from being unable (afraid) to imagine the “what if” to a positive conclusion; act on it to our human individual best; and therefore, change. We become wedged in our thinking, unwilling to struggle against invisible bonds of our own making. This, ironically, speaks to our power to create—paradigms, structures, relationships…we make them so strong, we can’t imagine them changing. Or changing them. Or changing ourselves. But it’s only a choice.

Imagine re-imagining. Act because you can. Do. You should. For if you don’t, you will never know what could be, could have been, will... Will you look back and say, “I’m so pleased I tried nothing new, because boy, it was satisfying not to?” Not likely. But you easily could say, “That time, I put myself out there and took that chance—it made my heart race. I felt invigorated. I see things differently. It changed me. I’m thankful it did.” Really. What will you choose today that changes you?

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